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2011 Headline Contest

June 12th, 2006

This week is the launch of the official SHOOTING WAR 2011 HEADLINE CONTEST. What does the future hold? Yes, you’ll be older and fatter. But what about world politics? Submit your headlines from five years from now here. The winning entry will be incorporated into an upcoming chapter. The winner will get a DVD of BattleGround: 21 Days on the Empire’s Edge, the award-winning documentary I produced with my partner from the Guerrilla News Network Stephen Marshall.

Check out this great write-up we got in this week’s Village Voice. Also of note, is an excellent piece by Joe Gordon on the Forbidden Planet International‘s blog. They both really got it.

88 Responses to “2011 Headline Contest”

  1. Bigboy Says:

    “Firefox reaches 87% of market share, Microsoft throws in the IE towel”

  2. Anthony Lapp Says:

    “Veterans’ Benefits Dry Up As Deficit Forces Congress to Make Cuts Across the Board”

    Hint: this relates to Chapter 6.

  3. Bigboy Says:

    “More soilder die from lack of supplies, Fuel companies may be to blame.”

  4. Katil Says:

    “Sunni and Shiite Agree to Disban Isurgency – American Troops Heading Home”

  5. Anthony Lapp Says:

    How about? “Most Wanted: War-Weary Sunnis.” Wait, that was from this Sunday’s Times.

  6. Tomas L. Martin Says:

    “Interest rate crisis as fuel supply chain wavers”
    “Thames Barrier breaks, London floods – Global Warming blamed”
    “Americans protest against internet censorship”
    “South Africa World Cup brought unexpected benefits, crime rate falls”
    “Venezuela, Brazil announce fuel trade agreement, strengthen South America trade zone”

  7. Chris Stocksmith Says:

    Gore gets 5 to 10 for Subversion

  8. PuckviruS Says:

    IRAN Invades Northern Iraq

  9. Tricky Says:

    “Chinese Sciencists say they maintain a 5 minute Nuclear Fusion Reaction”

    “Five Suicide Bombers detonate themselves at King Charles’s Coronation killing 230 people amongst the crowd in front of Buckingham Palace”

    “Sub-Comandante Marcos of the Zapatistas is elected President of Mexico, has yet to confirm his plans to withdraw from NAFTA, and seek to integrate Mexico into the Latin American Economic and Political Union Agreement”

    “Google buys 40% of the ailing Microsoft stock, mirroring a move made by Microsoft for Apple in the early 00′s”

  10. Eugenio Says:

    “Vatican sex scandal: sleaze went straight to the top, says supergrass nun”

    “Compulsory Assault Weapons Possession Bill passes Senate triumphantly”

    “Gov. Cindy Sheehan’s latest: Adolf Hitler was a true man of peace, shame on the warmongers Roosevelt and Churchill”

    “The O’Reilly controversy: fans outraged, latest Fox recording prove he did really say, perhaps nuking Switzerland for being neutral would be too much”

  11. Robb Says:

    “Collapse of Social Security! – AARP files single largest class action suit in history”

    “Prince Harry Killed – British Royal succumbs to radiation poisoning while aiding Indo-Pakistani nuclear survivors.”

    “Cheney Arrested at last! Fugutive ex Veep is at last collared in Buenos Aires, jailed for conviction in Halliburton scandal.” : )

    “88% – Steve Jobs retires, for the 3rd time, in the glow of his company’s sucess.”

    I’d like to add my voice to the chorus of folks who think Shooting War is awesome. Huzzah!

  12. Anthony Lapp Says:

    This are getting good. The Prince Harry one is imaginative. Keep them coming.

  13. SR Says:

    First Balochistan parliament inaugerated. Pakistani PM Bhutto issues no comment.

    Maddox Jolie crashes go-cart into mansion, injures Shiloh

    Sen. Obama announces he will run for President

  14. Bigboy Says:

    Stem cell reasearch pays off, group of patients cured of diabetes in one injection.

    Star wars episode 9 floops in the box office.

    Clay Aiken arrested in gay prostitution scandle.

    Trillionaire Bill Gates and Linus Torvid officaly annouces plans for a collaborative project, geeks world wide rejoice.

    Country tightens belt as gas prices top $13 a gallon.

    Hueh Heffner’s funeral draws record crowd, early estamites around 3 million.

    Hurrican Zeta floods most of southern Florida, scientist blame global warming, government disagrees.

    Radical Christan group bombs 7th gay wedding, government still slow to do anything.

  15. greenman Says:

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder best treated with sedation study says

    Turkey rejects UN offer of troops

    KFC sued for serving cloned meat

    Third Mutant Strain of HIV discovered

  16. 00011 Says:

    States ratify Hatch amendment: Schwarzenegger poised for Presidency

    Robotic combat sytems sales hits $1b: Record profits for QinetiQ

    Pentagon admits to weather modification test-phase

    Three’s company: US, Russia, China form G-3

    Future Force Warrior tech. deployed with USMC to Peru for peace-keeping mission

  17. Dan Goldman Says:

    hey 00011, nice stuff! you sure you haven’t written comix?

  18. Trout Says:

    “Troops to Leave Iraq in Six Months…. Again”

    “ANOTHER Alternative Fuel Source Squashed by Big Oil”

    “Emperor Bush survives yet another assassination attempt.”

    “Department of Homeland Security’s Time Table. When will they be at your home to update it’s security features?”

  19. Ugly Moe Says:

    President McCain says successful election means we are turning a corner in Iraq.

    US Congress passes resolution banning flag burning and makes pledge of allegiance compulsory. ACLU plans to challenge ruling in court.

    Canadian renewable energy usage tops 70%. Senator Gingrich labels the Canadian energy program socialism and says it wouldn’t work for America.

    China begins selling treasury bills and buying Euros. Stock market reaction is mixed.

    Wal-Mart to provide housing for employees in exchange for wage cut.

    Embattled GM closing last American factory, cites rising healthcare costs and declining global SUV sales.

    UN Secretary Tony Blair says the world community must not abandon Iraq, but must work with the Americans to help stabilize the region.

    Florida residents suffering from Hurricane fatigue as Harriet bears down.

    Liz Cheney to take the helm at Kellog Brown and Root.

    Kellog Brown and Root wins no-bid contract to provide lunches in American schools.

  20. Anthony Lapp Says:

    Nice Moe

  21. 00011 Says:

    Thanks, Dan. Never considered it before. Hmmm…

    Here’s a few more:

    Chinese GDP hits $12 trillion

    Border dispute erupts between Angola and Zaire over oil-drilling-rights

    IBM-Almaden predicts new microprocessor-human-nerve interface will revolutionize industry

    Wall Street melt-down result of sophisticated attack; high energy radio frequency (HERF) wave suspected

    Japan dumps bonds in wake of US inaction over Chinese occupation of Spratly Islands; recession anticipated

  22. Joe Gordon Says:

    After the bombing of the Bush Institute for Caring Christian Conservatism Texas seals borders with rest of US, declares new Republic – damn straight

    World water shortages push rainy Scotland to superpower status – thousands of refugees flee parched south of England for the lochs

    Civil list funding ends, Royal Family consider floating themselves on the London Stock Exchange

    Tim Burton announces jolly musical to lift the nation’s spirits

    Bugs Bunny runs for governor of California

    Senator Manson sponsors the Goth equality act

    Southeast Asia uses millions of impounded pirate DVDs as mirrors to reflect sunlight back into space, reduce global warming

  23. Robert Sterling Says:

    Hey, just found out about this comic through Alternet, and I am hooked. This is Robert Sterling from The Konformist, and I was the first guy ever interviewed by GNN for one of your videos. (I think shooting an Eminem video was a step up on the status-meter over myself, though.) Anyway, here’s some headlines I’ve come up with, and would love to hear from you and the GNN crew again soon…

    US Uses Lite Nukes In Indonesia: Tastes Like Hiroshima, But Half the Calories!

    Ashley Bush Wins American Idol: Diebold Dismisses Electronic Voting Controversy After Finale

    State Sec Newt to France: Eat Quiche & Die!

    Gov Mary Carey On Immigration: Mexicans Are Great in Bed!

    And, of course:

    Axl Declares: Chinese Democracy Almost Done, Early 2012 Release Planned

  24. 00011 Says:

    US Attorney Gen. William E. Lawler, III insists that work details reduce depression for thousands of detainees

    Market goes ‘nanas for nano: Zyvex Corp.’s shares up 837% within hours of successful Atomically Precised Manufacturing Assembler (APMA) demonstration

    Harvest Moon: Halliburton and Fluor announce strategic partnership with DOE for lunar mining of helium-3

    In GOD we trust: US Defense Sec. Robert J. Stevens assures Global Orbit Defender (GOD) platform will be fully operational by 2012 deadline

    Raytheon whistleblower and attorney found dead: Evidence of secret US Antarctic Command (USANTCOM) and thawed ‘ancient ruins’ missing; Congressional inquiry postponed

  25. Dr. M. Says:

    “‘American Porn Star’ Another Ratings Hit for Fox’”

    “Supreme Court Allows Repeal of Fourth Amendment to Proceed”

    “Baseball Commissioner George W. Bush to Publish Memoirs on MySpace”

  26. stone Says:

    “Poised to retake Senate, House in 2014 say Dems”

    “Clinton Paternity Trial Enters 20th Week”

    “Oprah hits 600lbs, Stedman dismayed, say sources.”

    “Nick and Jessica set for third divorce, reunion.”

  27. Ugly Moe Says:

    Scientific community stunned as South Korean scientist announces that a genetically reengineered transvestite (GRT) has given birth and is lactating normally.

    Tom Cruise hospitalized after self immolation.

  28. Robby K. Says:

    “Putin to Chechnyan People: Drop Dead”

    “K-Fed on Spears’ arrest: ‘Britney’s Out of Control!’”

    “Michael Bay’s ‘Watchmen’ No.1 at Box Office for Sixth Week”

    “China, Taiwan Will Reunify by End of Decade, Jintao Says”

  29. Cynthia Wylie Says:

    Roe V. Wade aborted.

  30. Anthony Lapp Says:

    Thanks Robert. Good to hear from you. You can see Sterling in one of GNN’s first videos here:

  31. Jordan Greenholt Says:

    Russia on verge of civil war after Putin disbands congress

    Toyota’s takeover of Ford approved by SEC, despite loud complaints from Ford family

    Japan succesfully tests first nuclear device. Prime minister applauds acheivement as major step for defense of nation

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