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You're reading the original Web version of Shooting War. The book contains over 110 pages of new material, including important story & art changes you won't want to miss.

SHOOTING WAR hits bookstores as a full-color 192-page hardcover graphic novel Nov. 6 in the UK (Weidenfeld & Nicolson) and Nov. 19 in the US (Grand Central Publishing). Pre-order from,, Barnes &, or find a local comics store near you.

posted Tuesday, September 5th, 2006   leave a comment
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89 Responses to “Chapter 11: “Finale””

  1. Stijn Says:

    Very nice! Far too realistic if you ask me.

  2. Daniel Foster Says:

    Awesome. I’ll buy the graphic novel as soon as it hits shelves.

  3. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Hell yes, guys. There are a few people showing the western world that comics are, indeed, high literature. And I count you amongst them.

  4. Tim Hamilton Says:

    Wow. Well done.
    Creating convoluted feelings all around my sensitive little world.
    Guest starring “jahfurry.”

  5. Roy Blumenthal Says:


    You ROCK deluxe! This is awesome. DELUXE!

    How do I pre-order a copy of the book? (I don’t live in North America, so it’ll be a bit difficult for me to pop round to my nearest Barnes & Noble).

    Unless you’re gunna Amazon it?

    I’d love mine autographed though. Hehehehehehe.

    Maybe I can swap you a handprinted South Africa poetry tablecloth on pure cotton in exchange? (Yup. I publish poetry tablecloths.)

    Blue skies

  6. Sachyriel Says:

    If the shit doesnt hit the fan before your book comes out, and nukes have not ‘fallen’ from beneath the ground, I guess I could buy it…

    I also guess [to show how likely it is that I'll buy] that I’m a guy.

    Makes me pretty certain that since I have the phallus, I have to get the book.

    Sorry for the weird advertisement, but, I wrote it, and don’t like touching the backspace button.

  7. Lukku Cairi Says:

    Excellent. Impressive. I will buy the hard copy when it comes out.

  8. jake Says:

    Remarkable…Are you really gonna make me wait a full year for the rest?..bastards.

    I’ll definately be picking this one up


  9. Ursula 1000 Says:

    nice. really nice. kudos on a job well done!

  10. ben Says:

    strangely enough I was was psyched to see crash shoot Abu. Kind of like rooting for Hanibla lecter in silence of the lambs

  11. Yuske Says:

    great job! really awesome! I’m hoping this graphic novel gets to Brazil, we rarely get anything good (besides marvel and dc =/ )

  12. Lynnwood Says:

    Brilliant. Strong pacing and character development, unique visuals, sublime political accumen. Can’t wait for the book to be published — all us fans who drove you on and supported you should get a free signed copy, eh?
    Looking forward to the continuing adventures of Burns and all youse guys.

  13. Micah Says:

    Awesome. I’ll definitely buy the graphic novel when it comes out…. can’t fucking wait.

    By the way, there seems to be a typo on page 12, though… “knat” should probably read “gnat”, yeah?

  14. Alexis Evremidis Says:

    Twice is not too many: Thank you, really wonderful, artisctically and politically!
    It’s the kind of thing that we can see in Europe, but much more tasty, as often in usa-style!
    It would be great to see what you could bring up in cooperation with Philippe Squarzoni, who wrote the french graphic pamphlets “Garduno, en temps de paix” and “Zapata, en temps de guerre” (vol.s 1 and 2 respectively)…
    Keep it rocking

  15. JSTRIKE Says:

    Well done guys. Looking forward to the graphic novel.

  16. Darrell Grant Says:

    Fantastic. Very well done and thought provoking. Too thought provoking and scary. Wow.

  17. Heatscore Says:

    A contemporary masterpiece. Definately one of the most hip and clever things to come out in response to the “War on Terror”.

  18. Lukku Cairi Says:

    Just caught the write-up in Wired. Congrats, guys!

  19. Mark Diaz in Boston Says:

    This is a superb work. Compelling enough to make me miss an hour of sleep & read the whole thing. This is what happens when I read “Wired”!! (they had this panel of yours in the Oct 2006 issue…). If I’m out of it tomorrow you’re to blame!!

    Thank you so much for this amazing future shock view. It seems all too close for comfort, and I am glad it’s in a “comic book” – the reality of it would be a bit much…

    hint for you readers – check out “Stand On Zanzibar” by John Brunner. I think it opens with the MacLuhan quote, “A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.” An equally interesting media saturated, random and chaotic world future view – if projected a bit futher than Dan Anthony Larry Jim & Jeff are doing…

    GREAT WORK GUYS!!! absolutely amazing… thank you so much…

  20. Casey Tillman Says:

    I caught you in a panel in “Wired” I thought I’d check it out, me being a fan of comics, and not such a big fan of this Gulf War, I thought I’d check you out! I was flabergasted! I couldn’t stop reading! The graphics where amazing, I’d never seen anything like it! Dan, Anthony, Larry, Jim and Jeff, you guys rock!

  21. Ronin Says:

    Prescient. Chilling. I’m not going to sleep tonight…

  22. Earl Says:

    Nice work, very believable. Dont get too Clancy though they will shut you down if you do.

  23. ignorant about graphics Says:

    It looks like the images contain complex layers of illustrations and photos-are the photos from Iraq in many of the photos? If so, did Anthony take them?

    Amazing. I never liked comics but really enjoy this one!

  24. madlift Says:

    absolutely amazing. this is the future of comics. fantastic story.

  25. Don Says:

    Oh, c’mon guys…is there ANY chance I won’t be at the comic/bookstore waiting with hard earned money to purchase the eventual collected hardcover version?

    Could you quit scaring the crap out of us, please? Thanks.

  26. Brian Says:

    As I see by all your posted comments, everyone loves you I guess. It is a great work of parnoid left wing fiction that will have all the Nevillites patting you and each other on the back for months. The art is great and it makes a good read. Same as H G Wells.

  27. Dan Goldman Says:

    to IGNORANT: The images contain photos and illustrations and designs, but the photography not by Anthony, but by various mil-bloggers and photos posted by the DOD, among a zillion other sources. For example, Abu Adallah’s underground bunker is actually a repurposed bathroom from a National Park…

    For me, it’s all about creating the layout with horrendous chickenscratch-scribble and then finding the right elements to merge together to take you into our world. Glad you like!

  28. Rohan Says:

    More vivid than most movies I’ve seen. The graphics somehow describe reality better than any video camera could. The writing is right on tone and paced wonderfully. The vision is beautifully detailed and entirely plausible.

    In short, it rocked and I read it in one immensely enjoyable session. Thanks.

  29. Bob Says:

    Impressive visuals. But a bit heavy handed. It is not necessary to beat us over the head with your leanings. I.e. nowhere on the cube did I see Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo… Still a very enjoyable read.

  30. Roxbury Says:

    Like everyone else, I loved it!!! Been reading comics since the seventies, and this is the first one that has knocked my socks off in more than a decade!!! Great job….really.

  31. Aaron K. Clark Says:

    Bad ass comic. On the level of Stephenson, Gibson and Sterling.

    Thank Wired for getting the word out.

  32. Max Bell Says:

    Hells, yeah, I want to buy this! I may even start reading Wired again.

    Lovely, lovely storytelling. Really. ++Cool.

  33. Blueapples26 Says:

    All to real….good stuff.. However I won’t bust a coin to get the rag from Warner Books which is run by the Multi-National defense contractor(Purveyors of death)-Lagardere SCA.

  34. Mariano Says:

    I was curious about the argentina t-shirt he wears in chapter 10. any reasons for it? was the episode written during the world cup?

  35. Jordan Millward Says:

    That is amazing. Congrats. I am so gonna buy your book when I can get hold of a copy in the UK.

  36. Some OS /bin/login Says:

    Comic-book ending. Waddaya expect, huh? Hope you think this thing thru to a different level when Satan — I mean Warner — comes to collect His due.

    A good first — rough — draft.

  37. ben Says:

    i saw an article about ur comic, among others, in my local newspaper this morning. that’s how i got here. really nice piece of work. i love the story – very realistic! i liked the ghost recon advanced warfighter stuff being used inside the comic, haha. i hope the comic will be available in singapore.

  38. David Says:

    Just read about it in Wired and finished the wholse story in two sittings. Trememdous work. I appreciate your commitment to your artform and celebrate your future endeavors. Kudos, courage and congratulations!

  39. Joe Mama Says:

    That was amazing. Excellent work, guys. I will be purchasing the graphic novel as soon as it comes out. I really wish you guys would keep it rolling online, though. There’s a unique element to seeing your story parallel what’s going on in Iraq so closely. Makes it as sureal as 9/11.

  40. almosthuman57 Says:

    I am speechless. As a 1st year law student, I know how hard it is to render a lawyer speechless; but you have accomplished it. A great and beautiful job on so many levels.

  41. PJA Says:

    Oh. My. God.

    Finally finished reading. All i can say is best.graphic. novel. ever.

    Thanks, everyone. i can’t wait for the book.

  42. melodious Says:

    Awsome, literate thought provoking and far too realistic. I will get your hardcopy when available.

  43. George Arndt Says:

    I suppose the underlying message is that in a “clash of civilizations”, both sides lose.

  44. Juan Navarro Says:

    Just sat and read the whole thing. Great, great stuff.

  45. Randall Ensley Says:

    Great job guys! I came across the blurb in “Wired” which led me to Shooting War and I have been doing my best to turn others on. Looking forward to future ventures.
    Randall Ensley

  46. Tony Phillips Says:

    Nice man,

    Good work but the advertisements for the US military are a tad incongruous. Keep up the good fight!


  47. Black Cat Says:

    I couldn’t help reading through up tp the end. Excellent work.

    I really hope it was all imagination… But

    I’m so very afraid it is far less freaky than reality.

    BTW, the dead Iraquis since the end of the war seem to be 600.000 and not 300.000, according to a a study published in The Lancet.

    Anyway, my sincerest congrats.

  48. Klaus W. Petersen Says:

    Yo Bros!

    Finally a “blogger-punk” side of the Bloody Holy War of George W. Bush!
    You may just be able save (part of) Western Civiliaztion….or what’s left of it!! Dark Ages in America, but a blast of “fervent lightning” bringing instant colorful awareness to the drugged out zombie lemmings of our society.

    Continue to “fight the Man”….Che Guevaras of Cyberspace!


  49. h k nicklin Says:

    hey the sentiments are all very nicely thought out and the hell of an oh so possible future very overt, very american, but you’re treatment of women leaves something to be desired: preppy receptionist talking about ‘sluts’, hookers, girls sending ridiculously big-breasted naked photos, the evil bitch reporter, can you cram any more sterotypes in there? oh wait a minute, here comes the ‘surprisingly’ educated, vaguely lucid female who he will win in the end… so yeah, nice story, what i can only presume to be righteously motivated, pity it’s undermined by your appaling attitudes to women! shame guys… shame. please don’t blow this off as an unfounded attack, think about it, there are female reporters, female soldiers, female freedom fighters out there, and guys, too, who aren’t so backward as you. don’t worry about it though, it’s difficult, you’re amercian, your education system and general media exposure couldn’t produce anything else! but seriously…

    h. k.

  50. Anthony LappÚ Says:

    why is she ‘surprisingly’ educated?
    does that not display your own prejudice?
    you could say the same things about the men depicted here
    this is a satire
    no one gets off easy in this, including jimmy
    i would argue that sameera is the strongest character in the lot
    so i’m not sure how this is anti-female

  51. Mike Says:

    fucking brilliant. Came across it by chance, read the whole thing in one sitting. Thanks for all the hard work, I am looking forward to the book…

  52. Cpl Virg Says:

    I read through what I could stomach and I just thought I would let you know a few things. First off, The way you portay American Soldiers is flat out rediculous. You make us look like cold hearted brainless killers with no regaurd for our brothers lives. I would like to know what youre combat experiances are. You need to have some right? If you dont how could you even begin to depict how war is? I could tell you how it is. Ive been there twice pal. Let me tell you this, when one of our men gets killed, we do not shrugg it off as if it were just another thing that happened today. I lost friends over there and it hits harder than anything I know. You don’t understand anything about Military comraderie. I have also delt with the Media in Iraq. They are NOT out there to get the real story. They are there to Sell a story. Even if that means adding thier own little twist to it. I am not a fan. In fact Im insulted. not to mention the drawings are horrible and very lazy. Get your facts in line buddy. Than try to produce something decent. Cpl Virg USMC Rifleman Team Leader

  53. SPC Ander Says:

    I came across your comic by chance as well and found it to be well written. I like the art style and think you make some rather salient points, however you do seem to suffer from the great affliction that many do, ” My shit don’t stink” syndrome. You get the feeling that all republicans are wrong evil and stupid while this is far from the case. You also get the feeling that the democratic part is still white virginal and will save the world. The whole, we wouldnt be in this mess if it werent for the republicans, feeling. However, debating how the past may have gone is useless and its up to us to change the future.
    My point, is that your argument comes out lopsided and leaves quite a bit to be desired, if you truly want to sway peoples views you should read from the old greeks. it works like this, ” You did this wrong, biiiiiig wrong. However we arent perfect, we did this wrong, lighter wrong, but i think we both can agree on C, moderate view point.” and then work your way from there. This has proven to be one of the most effective argumentative techniques.
    Also, while I dont believe that you have your facts grossly misaligned, you have missed some important things and do have some of your facts wrong. The most sensitive of these i feel is your portrayal of inter-arab relations. You make it seem as if Arabs killing Arabs is something new and at root caused by us.
    If nothing else know this, Shia and Sunni have been at each others throats for centuries, if you do not believe in their intolerance ask the Druze or the poor Kurds. To imply that we are the cause of the Iraqi Civil war is ridiculous. Granted, we did not improve the situation however, the largely Shia, a sect of Islam more closely associated with Persia, population was being dominated by a Sunni dictator. However as a dictator Saddam was able to keep it from breaking out into a Civil War.

    By no means do i intend to honor or agree with Saddam or his policies, Sic Semper Tyranus.

    All we have done was to blow the pot off the kettle and let Pandora fill the streets. However we are not to blame for the sectarian violence. Also, not all soldiers are gung ho kill em all people. Some of us do have minds of our own.

    In peace, Specialist Ander. Military Arabic Linguist

  54. jason Says:


    if you want to read a real comic read that one

  55. SayNoMore Says:

    This isn’t a rip-off of DMZ. But it’s a bit overrated compared to Spiders:

    (That said, that comic does feature female protagonists of a different sort)

  56. Erious Says:

    Just read trough the whole story, and I must admit, it’s good. Great storytelling, great action and interesting characters. The visuals are great too, fitting the mood of the story. However there’s one downside – the topic. I think it’s a personal matter, but I’m a bit tired with war, politics, and terrorism. All the people who were going to notice what’s wrong with current situation, already did. One more politically oriented publication, be it comic, movie, or novel isn’t going to change much. Maybe I sound bitter, but as I said, I’m simply tired. Still, “Shooting war” was a worth read, as it does show the war quite reallistically (for all I can say) and it does it without boring or daunting the reader.
    Oh, and for the matter of riping off DMZ – don’t be silly people. Those are two totally diffrent comics, with diffrent settings and diffrent stories. What is most similar in them, is the fact that they are both great comic┼Ť.

  57. Jason Says:

    sign me up for a copy, this was the most amazing comic I’ve ever read. Great work!!! -Jason

  58. Tommy Says:

    Very good story and art. congrats.

  59. Fox Says:

    Please tell me we’re gonna be able to buy that in Australia. Bloody brilliant.
    All too real, as well.

    NO WAR

  60. Lawls Says:

    I love how the graphic novel will be published by Warner Books, as in Time/Warner, as in owner of CNN.

    It’s all “Corporations are bad! Media is corrupt!…. oh, and please buy our book from this giant media corporation.”

  61. Anthony Lapp´┐Ż Says:

    Warner Books is actually called Grand Central Publishing and is owned by Hachette. Another giant, albeit significantly less evil, media company owned by some surrender monkeys.

  62. Estamos todos ciegos Says:


    Are you going to print the book in Spain? There’s many Spanish people who doesn’t speak English and who would like to read it.

    P.S. That goes for those who dosen’t agree with the ideas of this book: unless it made you think…

  63. Anthony Lapp´┐Ż Says:

    ETC – Thanks, we’re working on a Spanish lang. sale. Stay tuned to the site. We’ll keep you posted. And thanks for the comment.

  64. NappyG Says:

    Great Work,Awesome & Engrossing storyline,cinematic character development….Better Than A movie! Congratulations,& I will actually be buying this book in spite of WHOEVER owns the publishing company! Truth is Truth. And a good story is universal. Plain & simple. I don’t care who’s selling it. Hit the masses!

  65. Otto Says:


  66. Nick C. Says:

    Well, I have to say, I was reluctant to put my email down because I bet the N.S.A. gets a hold of it. Not that I care at this point.

    Very impressive. Let’s pray to any God that might exist that McCain does not win the election.

  67. aidan laikov Says:

    pretty good all in all,

    though it’s painfully obvious that you’re all a bunch of breeders.

    and that’s kind of boring.

    just sayin’. heterosexist male protagonist w/ a penchant for sarcasm and dry irony = been there, done that.

    suck cock to beat the draft and join the homosexual intifada :: a

  68. Anthony Lapp´┐Ż Says:

    Aidan – that sounds like a plan!

  69. per ove sleen Says:

    One of the best graphic novels I ever read.
    It is highly actual but will still be a classic for many years after it’s outdated.
    The subjects are eternal.


  70. Justin Says:

    Wow! This is amazing, I have to buy the book now. I just spent an hour at work reading through the entire webcomic.

  71. mujde ar Says:

    Really nice site you have here. I’ve been reading for a while but this post made me want to say 2 thumbs up. Keep up the great work

  72. guzel Says:

    thanks you nice

  73. alex Says:

    Cool stuff, extremely well painted and nice storyline. Will order the sequel at amazon…

  74. Takisha Leonelli Says:

    But not one single thing that you said gives the government the right to stop the mosque. Protest the mosque. Do creative things like building the gay bar next door, but the President was 100% right when he said that they have a First Amendment right to build it there.

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  87. HORRIBLE Says:

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