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posted Sunday, May 7th, 2006   leave a comment
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1,054 Responses to “Chapter 1: “Boom””

  1. Ronnie P Says:

    Great storyline and beautiful graphics.
    I can’t wait for chapter 2
    I just sent the link to my friends.
    Lots of luck with this project!

  2. Mike Stevens Says:

    this is awesome. i knew it was gonna rock but wow! i cannot wait for chapter 2.

  3. Brett Jackson Says:

    Fantastic start – great art, too-believable premise. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

  4. Pulaski Rhodes Says:

    Great start. Loved the spanish Star Wars shirt. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  5. chadd Says:

    Nice. Great writing, good, quick story to suck the reader in. I’ll def be back to read more.

  6. Rami Efal Says:


  7. Tim Hamilton Says:

    Cool. I am hooked. And angry everyone forget about that Domain ruling!
    I didn’t.

  8. chris Says:

    This is amazing!!!! I really love it. Great Stuff

  9. Pat! Says:

    kick ass man

    i love the flash movie opening and the actually story itself is even better

    looking forward to chapter two

    (got here from the lj group “comic_creators”)

  10. Whoever Says:

    I think you may want to check your facts in the Emminent Domain panel. Milton Friedman is a pretty prominent libertarian as I understand it, and that would mean he hardly supports things like Eminent Domain. Correct me if I’m wrong here (as in, on this comment section).

  11. Anthony Lapp Says:

    Good point about Freidman – my point was not that he’d support it, but that if he and Stalin had a bastard child, it would. Meaning, Friedman is a diehard capitalist and Stalin is the ultimate Big Government dictator – and the use of eminent doman by corporations to take over private property as seen in the Kelo case is the twisted combination of capitalism and communism.

  12. Whoever Says:

    Yeah, that’s what I thought you meant about Friedman, and ok, I’ll accept it. But I felt like I should mention it, since this comic looks like it’s going to make serious political commentary, so I’d want it’s facts to be pretty clear to unfamiliar readers, particularly if we’re to read it as more than “just a comic.” Anyway, much love so far.

  13. Rho Says:

    Compelling. Relevant. Wonderful art. The audio on the movie builds the tension. This drew me in. Spectacular work. Thanks for making it.

  14. Steven Says:

    It’s a sign of the quality of the work that even after seeing some of these images in advance (via previews on the ‘net), it still packs a nice punch when it’s a flowing story.

    You two have me hooked…now to see where this goes next…

  15. BM Says:

    Looks promising.

    Good work guys.

  16. Courtney McLean Says:

    Can’t wait for the next installment – it’s getting my blood boiling and yes, making me a little scared… as much as my denial will allow. Is that Spud from Trainspotting in the third panel on page 11?? Sweeeeeeet!

  17. Charles Shaw Says:

    Anthony, you are guity of inciting futurist fetishes and implanting within them subversive political narratives. Stop now or risk being reported for crimes against the state.

    Fascinating (and beautiful) that you worked Kelo v. New London in as part of the plot. I am happy to see you recognize the enormity of that decision, even if the actual case in New London was a bit more complex than simply giving the government the right to give our property to corporations. But, the fear is of course, that that is how it will eventually be used, much in the same way the 14th ammendment, written to guarantee rights to emancipated slaves, was twisted to give corporations official personhood.

    Here’s an interesting perspective on the issue, from one of my gigs, The Next American City.

    “Condemning the Condemners: The Supreme Court’s Decision in Kelo and Its Aftermath”

    Ah, what a time we live in…and what a time we are headed towards.

  18. Patricia Jeres Says:

    Wow! Excellent work from the creative team and props to Smith for carrying it.


  19. City Lopez Says:

    This was amazing!!! Beautiful graphic novel and unexpected story twists. I was just looking to just check it out…. but now the next chapters and the rest are gonna be must-sees for me!!!

  20. Grr Ty Says:

    Well done. Come on Chapter Two…!

  21. Katie Says:

    I am underwhelmed. Sure, it’s a relevant subject, but must we be such hipsters in regards to the execution? Once you reach a certain level of self-aware trendiness, it just reads as trite. To steal the wording from “Whoever,” I have a very hard time reading this as more than “just a comic,” and if it’s going to hold me at arm’s length with its narrative, it had better wow me visually…but it just falls flat.

  22. Litboy Says:

    Who says this has to be more than “just a comic” … Anthony and Dan are telling a story, not writing an op-ed piece. Its good you are having a hard time reading it as more than just a comic, because its a comic…. and that’s a good thing. A well drawn, well written comic, not an illustrated diatribe, which perhaps you’d prefer…

  23. Dean Haspiel Says:

    The revolution will be blogged! I commend you cats for tackling such serious matters and expressing your ideas boldly and vividly via the comix form. Looking fwd to more.

  24. Dan LAntowski Says:

    Having already had a slight preview of sorts a while back, let me just say it was EVEN BETTER THAN I INITIALLY THOUGHT! The artistry is superb and adds to the slight futuristc edge with the storyline as well as being intriguing to look at page by page. EXCELLENT!!!

    Chapter two, here we go!


  25. Niles Neverman Says:

    Flows real well. Like I’m watching a movie. Keep it up. I’ll read the next one.

  26. lukeii Says:

    I just love Dan’s artwork, and Anthony’s storyline is already shaping up to blow my mind.

    This is definitely worth the delay it’s causing to Dan’s Kelly comic on livejournal!

    I just can’t get enough of this stuff, it’s like crack to me! I can’t wait for my next’hit’!

    Thanks so much to both of you for sharing this vision with us all.

  27. s fitschen Says:

    great start! last cartoon i serial read was charlie brown, but i’m all grown up now and eminent domain is a real issue. could get hooked on jimmy…cool, good looking, smart…and adventure lurks as he tackles “it” all. easy copy and striking graphics. i’ll be back.

  28. The New Market Machines » Blog Archive » ‘My Name is Jimmy Burns’ Says:

    [...] Start here: Shooting War » Chapter 1: “Boom” [...]

  29. Gerbil Master Says:

    I got as far as the part where he refers to himself as a “hipster”.

  30. Ex-pat In Oz Says:

    real good stuff. smart & it has a voice. rock on– we want more

  31. ghost robot Says:


  32. Anthony Lapp Says:

    Gerbil – he was quoting someone calling him a ‘hipster’

  33. Bushwacked Says:

    By the way my forum name on E.T. is “SirEbram”.

    P.S. Like all collective intentions in communication for councils and assemblies for humanistic change, I think there are more positives than negatives. One thing that always seems to be the common gap between mankind and total planetary harmony is ignorance.

    Fear and ignorance… that’s how the corrupt minority rules over the clueless majority.
    The thickest blood of the heart of evil can be found in private and public education systems… This is where the “click” and “club” mentality is adopted and perpetuated into the fresh young minds of new consciousness. If this wasn’t at least somewhat true then how is it that education has a price tag attached to it?
    Communism has proven to be more like Capitolism and Capitolism has proven to be more like Fascism… I dare you to prove me wrong!

    (I can’t promise you I will accept defeat)

    We live in strange days. SEE: Bohemian Grove; Cremation of care;
    SEE: The four horsemen in the Apocalypse of saint John the divine;
    SEE ALSO: Skulls & Bones, and the Masonic Order; but don’t stop there (like I’ve neglected to do so far) check out all the current #$%&ed up cults (the real terrorists) running rampant around the world.

    These religious fanatics are bound and restrained by their own superstitions, which they enforce on everybody else.

    I believe they are the harbingers and originators of obsessive compulsive disorder.

    They thwart the truth with their lies and they steal the truth to support their illusions.

    The real tragedy is that they are actually related to us;
    and the real reason most people suffer is because people like them embody suffering.

    I’ve heard people ask: “What is the truth?”

    I’ll tell you what the truth is right now:

    The truth is every persona, place and thing embodying the eternal and infinite spirit; mind; consciousness; as a whole.
    We, the flora, fauna, our planet and our entire flawed and finite universe is an aspect or extension of such a whole.

    Jjust as our galaxy is made of stars, so too our our bodies.

    If the truth is not within you… How can it be outside of you?

    We are all inherently born with the truth… We’re just taught not to trust it, by liars, who embody denial.

    Sidartha Buddha was not religious… he was open and honest to the spirit of the universe… and in turn the spirit of the universe was open and honest to him.

    Joshua Ben Joseph was not religious… he was in touch with the spirit of the universe… and in turn the spirit of the universe was in touch with him.

    Religion is made by truth… truth is not made by religion.

    Until we truly seek out… We will never really find!


  34. Bushwacked Says:

    One more thing:

    “Where wuh you D night D moyduh took place?”

    lol (that was my Colombo impersonation).

    I apologise for sounding a little religious and preachy and down right plagiarizing. We are creatures of habit.
    Though I don’t claim to be religious… I do seem to lean to that facet a bit.

    This whole political thing is new to me… so if I sound like I’m a little naive… it’s because I am.
    My biggest weakness in this whole social-political rat race is names of public servants, dates and current events. lol.
    But I’m picking it up really fast at this point in my life now…
    That’s kinda scary… lol.

    Any ways… enough about me… Your a very good artist Dan? I like your choice of colors and it has a kind of heavy metal mag look to it. Anthony you are a very prolific writer… may your fruits of labour never wither.

    Oh man I love pink Floyd… oh woops, sorry… Am I still typing to you guys? lol

    peace out everybody… I’m gonna go play warcraft with my dad…
    I’ll definately read part 3

  35. James Burns Says:

    Jimmy Burns???

    What the…

    Hey… I did not authorize this…

  36. Anthony Lapp Says:

    Jimmy – you’re alive!

  37. SayUncle » Comic Blogging the Eminent Domain Says:

    [...] The fifth panel of the first chapter of Shooting War has a good condemnation of Kelo v. New London. Good to see the issue raised, even if they cast it as a battle in the war against corporatism, rather than a fight over property rights. [...]

  38. SayUncle » Comic Blogging the Eminent Domain Says:

    [...] Oh, and Uncle told me the way to keep you folks entertained is with explodey pictures, so don’t miss panel 7. [...]

  39. Owen Blacker Says:

    Wow. How has it taken me this long to read your strip. Fantastic artwork panel 7 is just amazing and the intelligence of the background is awesome.

    I’m hooked already. Just wish I didn’t have to go do some work now; I’m so looking forward to my next tea break (yeah, this is Britain ;o)

    Deeply cool, dude!

  40. carlos Montoya Says:

    The women actually used to give it to Jesus, Yeah, Jesus Lopez the doorman.

  41. Anubis Says:

    fantastic future satire of what is surely going to happen… only i think there will be more rioting in the streets by the AARP members and those under 30 as the American Dream dies a quick death.

  42. edrik Says:

    Great job guys…

  43. Jeffreydj Says:

    Took a brief look. Asked myself. “What? I gotta fiddle with the next button to see each and every panel of this stupid comic?” Yep, and I gotta trudge through the website to load the next chapter. Yow, I hate the Internet – interactivity, barf! I would be happy to see the software geeks who first sold the world on having to pointnclick to get any last scrap of data on the screen dodging bullets in Iraq.

    Ah, books… where whole pages worth of artwork quietly lie there, ready for easy access, no system crashes, no webserver obeisances, no power required. Doubtlessly I shall immensely enjoy the print version when it comes out.

  44. Vierotchka Says:

    I don’t get it – one picture per chapter, no connection between each picture, no flow, no story, no sound, no movement? What is all the excitement about?

  45. Kaki Says:

    would be more interesting if it weren’t too intentionally “indie”. I mean, good independent stuff is just fine, which means most indie stuff is a hit.. in the ass. ‘Indie’ stuff is not independent. Common sense seems to be getting into the ‘indie’ minds. The ‘indie’ word wouldn’t exist (in urban dictionaries) if there were no default values, beliefs about haircuts, movies, walkways, eyes, books, bands. Oh, bands, damn bands, electric guitars should disappear. Now people make unconscious arts with default indie values. The word independent is not related to default values, as well as it couldn’t define any way of life, so it just shouldn’t have cutie alternative names, like ‘indie’, that reduce the word itself and immediatelly lower its acception to “another easily recognizable style” or just “a style”. Your work is nice anyway, and I know that you already know what I just wrote about, since you’re so smart. Keep it up, less ‘indie’ that it intend not to be. Forgive my bad english, I have no time to review posts before posting, but I’m terrifying at my native language anyway.

  46. Ga Says:


  47. 1 + 1 = 1 » Boom! Says:

    [...] [...]

  48. Shooting War // ubik Says:

    [...] First chapter starts here via ashleyb [...]

  49. jay Says:

    homicide bomber? so fox news has taken over all news by 2012?

  50. Says:

    Shooting War: reportajes desde la línea de fuego…

    [Inglés] Nueva York en el año 2011. Jimmy Burns es un blogger anti-sistema que ha visto cómo su apartamento ha volado por los aires debido a otro ataque terrorista. Ha grabado todo con su cámara de vídeo y las imágenes han impactado en toda la bl…

  51. loose ends » Blog Archive » shooting war Says:

    [...] Ricky’s been speaking highly of the online graphic novel Shooting War. With reason. [...]

  52. James Says:

    Reminsiant of Transmetropolitan. All to real. Nice work

  53. Ted Slampyak Says:

    I have a big problem with your linking of Milton Friedman with eminent domain in the ifrst pages of this work. As a staunch supporter of individual choice and individual liberty, Milton Friedman is wholeheartedly against eminent domain. Here’s a direct quote from the man: “In an economically free society, the fundamental function of government is the protection of private property and the provision of a stable infrastructure for a voluntary exchange system. When a government fails to protect private property, takes property itself without full compensation, or establishes restrictions (and follows policies) that limit voluntary exchange, it violates the economic freedom of its citizens.”

    I know it’s cool — and really easy — to assign everyone in a suit or everyone who looks conservative with the label of fascist. But there really are some people over thirty who actually agree with the cause of freedom, and it’s a shame when they’re lumped in with the enemies of freedom.

  54. Josh C Says:

    Absolutely stunning imagery. Great work.

  55. Anthony Lapp Says:

    Good point about Friedman – I’m familiar w/ his theories – I didn’t mean to imply that he would support emmient domain – that’s why I referred to it as the bastard child of Friedman and Stalin. I think I will revise for the book version. Thanks for the note.

  56. James Raad Says:

    can’t wait for sound for all the chapters……

  57. gry Says:

    Very good and great site with very good look and perfect information…i like it.

  58. uop Says:

    I don’t get it – one picture per chapter, no connection between each picture, no flow, no story, no sound, no movement? What is all the excitement about?

  59. Amarendra bhushan’s Domain Blog » Domain hosting - The Constitution Says:

    [...] Shooting War Chapter 1: Boom I think you may want to check your facts in the Emminent Domain panel. Milton Friedman is a pretty prominent libertarian as I understand it, and that would mean he hardly supports things like Eminent [...]

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  63. Anthony Lapp� Says:

    Shooting War Chapter 1: Boom I think you may want to check your facts in the Emminent Domain panel. Milton Friedman is a pretty prominent libertarian as I understand it

    Yes, good point – I’m aware of that. What I was trying to say was if you took his free market ideas and then combined them w/ Stalin, you’d get the idea of eminent domain allowing corps to move out small busniesses. Anyway, that doesn’t really come across, so I’ve edited that line in the book version. Due out Nov. 19 in the U.S.. Nov. 6 in the UK.

  64. banery Says:

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  65. Shawn Lankon Online » Shooting War Says:

    [...] Like comics? Like the Iraq war? Yes! No! In that case, check this out. Shooting War is a graphic novel. I don’t usually read these sorts of things, but this one is really nice. I’m currently looking for more like it. The story is set in the near future. The US is still in Iraq and McCain is president. Its the story of a liberal video-blogger who gets caught up in press, politics, and drama of the middle east. Pretty cool.The online version is a bit of a tease. Aparantly, the rest of the story is going to be released in print sometime in 2007. [...]

  66. LVHRD.ORG » Blog Archive » Blog Fetish: Sony Net Sharing Cam Says:

    [...] The camera is made to tag and recognize different formats of video and digital stills to streamline the uploading process to personal blogs (via NOTCOT). Jimmy Burns is right around the corner. [...]

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  81. Rene Says:

    I’m loving your story. Sadly, it’s very similar to one I’ve written, although yours is (SADDER STILL), way better. Damn you! Where can I purchase a copy?

  82. Periodismo Ciudadano Says:

    [...] Este es el argumento base de Shooting War, un cómic con guión de Anthony Lappé e ilustraciones de Dan Goldman que producido por Smith Magazine comenzó a publicarse por capítulos en la web antes de ser comprado por Grand Central Publishing para su publicación impresa. [...]

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  108. WillNotBuy Says:

    I heard about this book on “The Dragon Page” podcast and came to take a look. While here I clicked on an ad (“When Will You Die?). Took a survey and it immediately became clear it was a scam, but I went along entering fake info to see how offensive it was going to be. After about the 5th page of special offers (of which I had to say “Yes” or “No” to each one of the 20 or so per page, and had to say “Yes” to at least one) I finally got bored and gave up.

    Anyway, because of this craptacular advertising scheme, I will not be buying this book. Hope you made plenty off my click…

    Hint: Treat your readers with a modicum of respect and you might have even more success.

  109. Anthony Lapp� Says:

    The ads are hosted by another site. Sorry about that.

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    At any rate, this looks really great and I’m keen to take a look. Haven’t read a good comic in a very, very long time!

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    When I picked up the book (at my library), frame 7 was the first thing I saw, as a flipped through basically to (among other things), see if it was right-to-left or not (i.e.: Japanese manga normally reads right-to-left and forms about a third of my library’s graphic novel collection.) My reaction contained the same first three words as Jimmy Burns’, followed by “Is that a Starbucks?” Now, I feel like redoing frame 7 in the livery of a bunch of other corporate franchises and stores…like Tim Hortons, Second Cup, 7-Eleven, Wal-Mart, MacDonalds, etc.. (Think of what Calvin & Hobbes did to all those car logos.) I think it’s something of a badge of honor for Starbucks to be the terrorist’s victim, as I find them the most personable of all the stores that sell coffee in Calgary where I live…where I’d be the most upset if this actually happened. Terrorists are more likely to hit Tim Hortons though…they like to kill people, and the Tim Hortons are somewhat inexplicably the busiest coffee shops by far…at least in Calgary.

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